I share

I share so I won’t forget. Isn’t that why everyone does? I share because it’s not until I can see it, touch it, feel it, and bathe in it, can I fully understand. I share because I hope that if I write it down, if I say it out loud to enough people, then maybe they’ll remind me when I forget. I share because my inner voice is my guide, and it speaks to me in such a way, that I can only hear when I share. So I share.

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Why do you share?


We Teach What We Have To Learn

“We teach what we have to learn.” This is a quote I’ve loved for years and years because it’s so true for me.

I doubt myself all the time. I don’t do things that I know I should. I beat myself up after for knowing better, and then I start again. I move through this process much more quickly now a days with the tools of yoga and the years of life experiences. However, the learning never ends and there is always more work to be done. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Learning, growing, experiencing and sharing is what lights me up; it’s what inspires me to inspire others and fills me in a way nothing else ever has.

Right now, I am in the midst of a huge project. It’s a project that I feel like I have been working my way up to for the last 13 years! I didn’t know I was doing this, but the preparation of the last 13 years has led me to this point, this place and time right now to do what I know is a part of my life’s purpose.

Do you know how exciting this is? Do you know how overwhelming this is? I’m moving too quickly. I want to scream this exciting news from the rooftops. But…it’s not quite time yet. It’s almost there, but not quite.


I know what I have to do and I know the time to share is very near. For now, I will go inside myself and find the stillness. I will come back to my breath and touch that inner space of knowing. I will sit on my patio tantalized by the hummingbirds, the bees, the dragonflys and the birds. I will climb a rock wall. I will practice my yoga and I will birth this creation into the world to share. Coming soon…