Happiness sure seems to be creating a lot of buzzz

I’ve seen so many articles and comments recently about happiness. It’s interesting. Half of the articles talk about why being happy is the answer to our struggles and the other half talk about why happiness, or the pursuit of happiness, is a bunch of bologna.

So, in my opinion, here’s the deal.

1. Labels don’t help – Happy/Sad. Good/Bad. Right/Wrong. STOP!!!

2. Life is about balance – The tide rolls in. The tide rolls out. “If you don’t become the ocean, you’ll be seasick every day.” – Leonard Cohen

3. Allow yourself to feel – Check in. Take a quick body scan starting at the crown of your head and moving down.

I do believe that happiness can be a choice. I do believe that our thoughts can lead us toward stillness and peace (a.k.a. happiness) or away from it.

SO, overall, these articles, quotes and sharings about happiness, in my opinion, are valuable, because they may help to bring some AWARENESS to those of us that don’t really understand why we don’t feel “happy.”

What does that really mean anyway? Moving on…

With that said, NOONE is going to feel happy all of the time. Haha! Life is about polarity; balance. What goes up, must come down.

Here’s the catch. We have to be OKAY with being whatever we consider the opposite of happy. We have to give ourselves the SPACE to FEEL sad, anxious, lonely, etc, etc.

But it’s so scary! I know!

What if I stay there forever? You won’t.

What if I’m never able to get out of bed again and my tears never stop flowing? You will. And they will!

All I’m saying is that bringing AWARENESS around the idea that we actually play a part in the way we feel by the CHOICES we make is a good first step. After this, TRUST that when you are feeling down and it seems like everyone else is bouncing around happy as can be, that it’s OKAY. Allow yourself to be sad, to be mad, to feel lonely, and then LET IT GO. You choose.

Sending Love today and everyday.

xo ~ India



Be Grateful

This TedX Honolulu talk with Timber Hawkeye is inspiring and right on point in my opinion. I watched it over and over several times just to be sure I really heard every word Timber was sharing.

In the beginning his voice shakes and it reminded me to Speak Your Truth Even If Your Voice Shakes!

If you have even just a few moments, watch as much as you can of this Talk and remember to Be Grateful today and everyday!   Sending Love ~ India beeing thankful for you

Here is the link: Faithfully Religionless: Timber Hawkeye at TEDxHonolulu 2012  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIFTxRJfLTM

I’ve included some of the highlights, in my opinion, from Timber’s Talk below.

Timber tells us to think BIG and to think GLOBALLY.

“Be grateful because gratitude has a way of turning what we have into enough. And that is luxury. That is being rich.”

291868_553220331360175_1999085346_n  “Success means being happy.”

“We have been so terribly misguided by the notion that happiness is something we have to pursue. And it’s in that pursuit of happiness that we’ve actually lost our way.”

“If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” -Dalai  “Make sit happen.” (Clever huh? I like it!)

“The breath is not something we just take. Breathing is a gift. It is a miracle that is offered to us over and over again, yet much like our health, we often take it for granted right up until the moment we no longer have it.”

“Your beliefs don’t make you a better person. Your behavior does.”

“Don’t rely on government or television to be the leaders of hope and positivity. You yourself can become that beacon of light.”