Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it will Set You Free!

The year was 1998, while exploring a forest on a camping trip with friends & family, when I realized I was just like Curious George. Well, you know, he’s an archetype, and that is me. Ha! ImageImage

By stepping into this space, I lived in the mystery. I allowed myself to just begin approaching my life with a sense of wonder. When I was able to, I tossed out the idea of being “right” or “wrong” and I just…was. I began to think of myself almost like a detective in a constant quest to absorb and discover the world around me. So fun!

I have joked about this over the years, but I now realized this approach has served me in my life time and time again. Since stepping in to my greatest mission and passion in life, coaching and guiding others through yoga, which really just means to play a role in leading others back to themselves, I see the same issue come up again and again.

What I see holding so many of us back is the “thought” that we “don’t know how to do something” or that we’re not doing it “right” or we’re just not “good” at something, so we don’t dare to try.

What a prison! What an illusion! Break free!

Be Curious! Don’t lose this sense of wonder in approaching your life in a way where labels don’t exist and the opportunity for discovery is endless. Who cares if you’re doing something “right”, you’re doing it, and living life in a curious way is about ACTION!

It’s not about being or doing something right or wrong or good or bad. It’s about finding out what’s right for YOU and what’s good for YOU.

When we’re in a state of curiosity, we explore and we experiment with the innocence of a child. We don’t have attachment to outcomes or expectations of how something should be. We are open and alert, and we allow for different opportunities, experiences and people to come into our experience of life. 

“Some people like to muse on the philosophical conundrum ‘What is the meaning of life?’ But more practical philosophers ask, ‘How can I make my life meaningful?’” ~ Gelb

Wishing you well on your journey towards freedom. Image


Traveling with Purpose – Part I – Xinalani

You’ve heard me talk about showing up on purpose. Well, now, we’re traveling with purpose! Are you starting to see a trend?

I found Xinalani (pronounced she-nah-lah-knee), an eco-luxe resort that’s off the grid, over a year ago, in early 2012, while doing research of where I would like to host my own dream transformational yoga retreat some day. I even put together a Prezi presentation for this one-day-to-be dream retreat. Of course, I had no idea when this would be, but you see, I believe, we have the ability to create our experiences of life! I didn’t think much of this mock retreat after as I was busy putting together the final details of our wedding, which was held in Sedona, AZ on 11/11/12.

Around the same time, I also happened to learn of a woman called Kim Anami, when I was fortunate enough to stumble upon an article called “The 4-Hour Sex Date” she had written in, one of my favorite online newsletters. Well, c’mon, how could I not read that one! You’ve got to admit, the title is intriguing…and so is the article.

So, imagine my excitement, when I realized that Kim Anami was hosting a retreat called the “Orgasmic Enlightenment Retreat” at Xinalani right at the time of my husband’s and my one year wedding anniversary! We registered for the retreat, packed our bags, and hopped a quick flight from Phoenix to Puerto Vallarta! Why not? Life is about experiences! And those experiences that push us out of our comfort zones…well, you see, those experiences are the best! That’s when the real growth & magic happens!

When we arrived at the airport in Puerto Vallarta, there was a car waiting for us that took us to the port, where we boarded a small boat that would take us to Xinalani, as it is only accessible by boat! Doesn’t that just add to the adventure of it all!?

Xinalani boat ride arrival  I had no idea how beautiful Puerto Vallarta is! We were taken aback by the lush jungle covered mountains that came right down to meet the blue sea. We were greeted by some of the resident dolphins, and we just never stopped smiling during the approximately 45 minute boat trip!

When we arrived, this is what we saw!

  Xinalani arrivalXinalani Suite 3

Our home for the next week! I could already feel myself becoming lighter; at ease. Returning back to my natural state of being.

Xinalani private beach

One of the many life-changing experiences we had over the course of this week was the opportunity to swim & interact with wild dolphins. What I want you to understand is that these dolphins are wild and free. An organization called Wildlife Connection has a team of biologists that has been working with one of the three resident Banderas Bay dolphin pods for 16 years and have known some of the dolphins in this pod since they were born. They offer the opportunity to visit these fabulous animals in their natural environment and to participate in a research project that helps us understand and protect our dolphins.  Please do not contribute to capturing more dolphins! Visit them in their own environment because FREE DOLPHINS ARE HAPPY DOLPHINS!!! Watch video of our dolphin experience here!

Over the course of the week, we connected deeply with nature, nourished our bodies with meditation, yoga and delicious organic food made by our private chef, and absolutely fell in love with the people and essence of not only Xinalani, but the small town next door called Quimixto, which is also only accessible by boat, and just about a 10 minute walk away.

Part II of this blog will be coming soon with more about Quimixto!

Finally, I’ll leave you with this video farewell we were given from two beautiful hump back whales. 

Steve and I are working with Xinalani to design our own retreat in November 2014! We hope you can join us next year!  

Until next time. xo

Xinalani Steve and India

Beginner’s Mind ~ Thich Nhat Hanh


“Everyone has a desire, but the desire to transform one’s self; to transform one’s affliction, suffering, in order to get free and help other people and change the word, that is a good desire.”

“If we have fear and despair in us, we cannot do anything to help remove the suffering in society.”

“When you have understanding of your own suffering, compassion arises in yourself, and you know how to transform your own suffering. And with that you can help other people do the same.”

Without a community, we cannot go very far. Let’s work together to form a Healthy Community. To approach our challenges with compassion and non-violence.

peace in ones self peace in the world

May you find the peace and happiness inside yourself and share the same with all beings.

Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be Free.