Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it will Set You Free!

The year was 1998, while exploring a forest on a camping trip with friends & family, when I realized I was just like Curious George. Well, you know, he’s an archetype, and that is me. Ha! ImageImage

By stepping into this space, I lived in the mystery. I allowed myself to just begin approaching my life with a sense of wonder. When I was able to, I tossed out the idea of being “right” or “wrong” and I just…was. I began to think of myself almost like a detective in a constant quest to absorb and discover the world around me. So fun!

I have joked about this over the years, but I now realized this approach has served me in my life time and time again. Since stepping in to my greatest mission and passion in life, coaching and guiding others through yoga, which really just means to play a role in leading others back to themselves, I see the same issue come up again and again.

What I see holding so many of us back is the “thought” that we “don’t know how to do something” or that we’re not doing it “right” or we’re just not “good” at something, so we don’t dare to try.

What a prison! What an illusion! Break free!

Be Curious! Don’t lose this sense of wonder in approaching your life in a way where labels don’t exist and the opportunity for discovery is endless. Who cares if you’re doing something “right”, you’re doing it, and living life in a curious way is about ACTION!

It’s not about being or doing something right or wrong or good or bad. It’s about finding out what’s right for YOU and what’s good for YOU.

When we’re in a state of curiosity, we explore and we experiment with the innocence of a child. We don’t have attachment to outcomes or expectations of how something should be. We are open and alert, and we allow for different opportunities, experiences and people to come into our experience of life. 

“Some people like to muse on the philosophical conundrum ‘What is the meaning of life?’ But more practical philosophers ask, ‘How can I make my life meaningful?’” ~ Gelb

Wishing you well on your journey towards freedom. Image


One thought on “Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it will Set You Free!

  1. We all need good reminders like these from time to time India. I love reading your messeges, thank you and keep sending them my way : )

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