Rewire Your Brain

This time of the year can be higher stress than usual. When you feel reactive or over-heated,

1. Take a deep inhale through the nose.

2. Take a quick body scan for stress, consciously trying to relax places where you are holding tension.

3. Silently say a word or phrase to set an intention for how you’d like to feel (i.e. focus, patience, relax).

4. Smile

This technique is based on neuroscience, and the idea is to connect a desired behavior with breathing, body awareness and a positive mood. (Hence, the smile.)

Breathing through the nose is important, because the nasal passages are smaller than the mouth and will naturally slow your breathing. Your breath rate influences heart rate, and a slower heart rate is a key predictor of health benefits around stress.

You can do this numerous times a day without anyone knowing. The power is actually in the repetition, because every time you repeat the practice, neurons are being fired that eventually will rewire your brain.

stay positive

Happy Holidays!!

xo ~ India

Source: Yoga Wisdom at Work


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