October New Moon – most potent of 2013!

BE TRUE TO YOURSELF! This is the overarching message from this New Moon.

The Libra New Moon occurs on October 4, 2013 at 5:34pm PDT/ 8:34pm EDT and on October 5th at 12:34am GMT. The New Moon (& Full Moon) can have effects on us up to 72 hours before and after, so be in tune with yourself.

Libra is the sign of Balance, Justice and our Key Relationships.

To be true to ourselves, means we must also be honest with ourselves. Taking a look and being okay with all of our light and all of our darkness. The New Moon is the darkness, the opposite of the full bright moon, and one cannot exist without the other. Most of us are in denial about our darkness or scared as sh** to really take a look at it, much less let anyone else see this side of us. I know I am!

life begins at end of comfort zone

However, as we embrace our own darkness, we become whole.   We acknowledge the truth of who we are, which will help us see the truth of others. To be true to ourselves, we must release and let go of what is not serving us. This could be people, things, relationships, jobs or habits.

It is time to let go of our security blankets and pacifiers and trust that whatever it is hiding in the dark may have served us at one time, but it is now time to create space for positive change to enter our life.Turn around and look your fears, your shame you guilt square in the eyes and hunt it down. This is not easy for most people – but when we are honest with ourselves, looking at our light and our dark, we can shift out of old patterns and breakthrough into a new and better life.

This is a TRANSITION and sometimes breakdowns occur. But remember breakdowns come right before breakthroughs! Be honest with yourself during this time and make sure you don’t thrive on the breakdowns more than the breakthroughs.  Become who you really are rather than who you think you are *supposed* to be.


Take this time to gather all you have taken from the light and set an intention of what you can take from it and bring into the dark. In other words, it is time for you to share all of yourself with all of your heart. When you show up in the world in this courageous way, we can pool our resources, collaborate and work together to achieve greater outcomes. How beautiful.

In order to be free, we must allow others their freedom.   Once we can step back and see that others are not acting against us but rather, are acting for themselves we can begin to develop more win/win strategies. Be true to yourself and open to others.

This is a time of personal and global TRANSFORMATION to bring back a state of BALANCE within ourselves and on a global scale. And like I always say, have experienced, and believe with every part of me – we must begin with ourselves first.


Be kind to yourself during this potent new moon. Treat yourself the way you would treat a small child. Have patience, be flexible and proactive and rest when you can. We are all doing the best we can with the tools we have. We are not perfect and that is okay.

Be true to yourself. Be honest with yourself. Be the change agent for your own life.

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